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In India prevent to health as not being focused on to a lot extent and people only see help when they face serious medical issues. if a Healthy lifestyle is adopted and an active mind body is ensured with proper Holistic Wellness, individuals can avoid high stress with leads to multiple disease. AURA Wellness is  a preferred health & destination in Chennai conceived by Ms. Sruthi Sridharan the center seeks to reinvent healthy living in a whole new way. located in T Nagar Aura wellness offers  integrated services and extensive Wellness facilities under one row to get your health back on track.The Team encompassing renowned doctors experts Wellness Experts , mind and body medicine Experts who have over a decade of experience, Help to resort the balance in life through tailor made wellness plans.

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Holistic Nutrition consultations, yoga ,reflexology, physiotherapy,Homeopathy and sleep management An individual assessment is done for every individual to understand the problem before starting intervention according to the clients Needs. For those who need to enhance Mental wellbeing, counseling, mind games ,mind workshop and psychological intervention to the level required are offered.

specialized programs are also address yoga and physical therapy are offered to medically ill & elderly people to improve muscle power, gait, a Coordination and thereby enhances Quality of life. Aura wellness committed to look into all aspects and offer comprehensive.The health plans revolved around getting to the root cause and fixing it through Holistic nutrition and Lifestyle correction and Physiotherapy .the specialized program help to treat revers condition like stress, depression, pain, weight, Gut health ,cholesterol diabetes, metabolic disorder, hormonal imbalance, women issues ,PCOD .

our services include women Wellness, physical therapy, elderly care management, Lifestyle management, clinical nutrition, sports nutrition, counseling, therapy yoga ,corporate Wellness ,reflexology ,they offer client centric treatment rather than following fixed protocols the team suggest a blend of various practices with Wellness as a primary focus also office programs for corporate employees to ensure brother productivity.

Mission & Vision

Create a new health space by integrating the necessary experts in every way to bring out holistic wellness

Our mission is to ensure accessible and affordable quality to bring lifestyle changes to society with the holistic intervention

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