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In India prevent to health as not being focused on to a lot extent and people only see help when they face serious medical issues. if a Healthy lifestyle is adopted and an active mind body is ensured with proper Holistic Wellness, individuals can avoid high stress with leads to multiple disease. AURA Wellness is a preferred health & destination in Chennai conceived by Ms. Sruthi Sridharan the center seeks to reinvent healthy living in a whole new way. located in T Nagar Aura wellness offers integrated services and extensive Wellness facilities under one row to get your health back on track .


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Yoga therapy

Yoga therapists make use of Yoga exercises to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of an individual. It helps with Weight loss, Fitness, PCOD, Back pain, Stress, Heart disease, Anger management, Thyroid, Diabetes, Hormonal issues, Flexibility, Sinus, and Concentration.

Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition differs from nutritional counseling as this addresses the nutritional needs of athletes specifically. The diet plan will have the appropriate nutrients needed to achieve peak sports performance of the athlete.

Elderly Care Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation services help people return to daily life and live in a normal or near-normal way. These services may include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, cognitive therapy and mental health rehabilitation services.


This involves management of nutritional intake in food according to the individual’s body. Proper diet plan and counseling can be given for Weight loss, Weight gain, Hypo / Hyper Thyroid, PCOD, PCOS, Healthy skin, Diabetes, Cardiac, Renal, Pregnancy, Lactating mothers, Infants, Sportsmen, Obesity, and any disease-related diet.

Corporate Wellness

Those working in corporate settings undergo a unique set of problems which are work-life balance, work stress, lack of concentration or interest, absenteeism, workalohism, neck and back pain, etc. A holistic intervention including Counseling, Lifestyle management, Physiotherapy, Yogatherapy, and Nutritional counseling can help deal with those issues and ensure productivity.

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Ms. Sruthi Sridhar

Aura (Unit of Sai Raksha Healthcare) is a partnership firm, founded by Ms. S.Sruthi, with a focus on addressing Preventive Health Care holistically. Having assisted her mother in the field of palliative care, she wanted to bring light to wellness rather than illness, which is the need of the present-day. The key areas of her contribution include: Providing integrated help services Elderly and Rehab services Holistic and wellness services



Dr. Mathangi, a physiologist grooming young healthcare professionals over 22 years and a researcher on stress and sleep. She is a Certified Life Coach and Adolescent Coach and has been training across all ages on mental & emotional well-being, distressing, work life balance. Dr.D.C.Mathangi is the Professor & Head, Dept. of Mind Body Medicine & Lifestyle Sciences, Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research. She has 25 years of teaching and experience. She has delivered over 80 Guest lectures and received several awards both and National and International level.


Dr. Republica Sridhar

Dr. Republica Sridhar is a Palliative Care Physician, Family Physician and General Physician in T Nagar, Chennai and has an experience of 21 years in these fields. Dr. Republica Sridhar practices at RMD Nursing Home in T Nagar, Chennai. She completed MBBS from Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai in 1993, FCCP - Pulmonary Medicine from College of Chest Physicians, India in 1998 and PGDFH from Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia in 2011. She is a member of Indian Medical Association (IMA). Some of the services provided by the doctor are: Herpes Infection Treatment, Chickenpox Treatment, Balance Exercises, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Treatment and Men and Women Wellness Screening.


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Aadithya Giri

Para Rifle Shooter

"This is Aditya - Rifle Shooter - Para athlete I underwent a complete  Wellness Rehab at Aura Wellness Center. Before that I have spinal instability and my waist circumference are increased and I had recurrent irritable bowel syndrome. After a complete wellness rehab in sports physio, sports nutrition, and sports counselling. Now my waist circumferences is reduced and improvement in  trunk stability, overall  I was able face the game or any situation without any fear. After undergoing series of sessions I was able to notice the change that had happened to me and very much happy to see these drastic difference in my lifestyle. After undergoing a series of  physio session I was able to bring out the change that I haven't experienced in a while now. Stress control has really helped me change as a person by controlling the situation. Mind exercises are useful in improving an athlete’s game and stability. Chart for weight loss and body care is very easy to practice for any person. This method will help the person to be more cautious about their health and wellbeing. I am sure following all theses will help me to improve my game as a person. Thanks for the warm and continuous support that were given my the team AURA."


"This  is bindhu , I am 19 age old. I gain  my weight  more then 5 kgs weight  within only 2 and half months. I followed your plans very well. and your diet chart don’t have any kind of side effects, i am perfectly physically and mentally healthy and happy. you and your staff both are sweet and cute, cooperative as well."

Deepa Mohankumar

"I would like to thank Aura Wellness, Dr. Kishan and Dr. Swati for the excellent service. I must make a special mention of Dr. Swati’s efforts in physiotherapy for my mother in law Sethulakshmi Narayanan. I have seen visible improvement in physical and cognitive functions for my mother in law. She has improved drastically and is thinking and speaking clearly. All this is the result of physiotherapy. I thank Swati for her sincere efforts taken."

Durga Narasimha

"Had a physiotherapy session with Agashni for the past 5 days. She is very friendly and suggested a lot of tips and execises to treat me. There was a very good reduction the pain. I feel less stressful now. Thanks a lot for the support."


"This is Jayalakshmi, My Husband Suffer from Parkinson’s Diseases. He can’t able to do his Routine works, he was unable to walk after from a fall. Dr.Parthiban came for physiotherapy treatment. For a complete one month of Rehab my husband no able to Walk with support and his confidence level is high. Thanks for the Aura team"


"This is Kajal, 25 years old working as a software professional. I was very depressed and lost the purpose of my life as I wasn’t having and peace in my life. Ms. Shahna made me understand the meaning of life through her therapy sessions and I was able to see the positive aspects of life. Now I know how to deal with others without getting involved and sacrificing your own happiness."


"I am Kalisham attender Jayalakshmi( daughter); my father was in the RMD care due to dementia; my father got weak during treatment; the doctor suggested nutritionists to follow up; she provided a menu to the kitchen for her conditions; and she also explained to me about the diet pattern that my kitchen provided with their consent."


"I am Karthick, 27 years old working in an IT firm in Vadapalani. I came to visit the counsellor as I was having difficulty in concentration and there were no clarity or progress in my life. Having a proper complete session itself made me realize where I was lacking and what made me hold back that reflected in the downfall of my results. Ms. Shahna was very much clear in progressing a pathway that made me think correctly and made a right decision that might be life changing moment. She also made sure the home works given were convenient easy to adapt."


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